With over 30 years’ experience in school uniform Elizabeths Schoolwear understands that there is no other item of clothing that can be abused more than school uniform; dragged along the floor, used as goal posts, slide tackles and books ‘shoved’ in any available pocket or hole that the student can find, we have seen it all!

Elizabeths Schoolwear takes great pride in offering the best value uniform by measuring it against the quality, durability, sustainability, and value for money ethics we passionately believe in.

All the products that Elizabeths Schoolwear sell are durable enough for the parents to purchase to last the school year. We find that children grow out of the garments, rather than wear them out. (Of course, there may be some cases where the children grow far more than expected, but we will do our best to ensure a lasting fit!)

Elizabeths Schoolwear believes that a uniform must have growing room and we have a stringent training policy that ensures that every member of the team sizes in the same way, ensuring that a primary child can usually get one to two years out of the garments and for a senior school we find typically 2-3 blazers are purchased for the whole school life of that student.

Come and visit us in the shop and you could be taking away most if not all the compulsory school items required for the first day. We do offer appointments all year in the shop. Click here for more information.

We also have a unique service of a LizZoom call with Liz who will support the measuring of your child in their own environment and the make recommendations of the sizes that would be required to ensure your child is ready for the big day! The order is then placed online, paid for during the call and your school order is completed. This is a great opportunity for everyone however this service has really come to the forefront for children who have additional needs, dislike noisy shops and would be happier at home. Liz has years of experience in supporting parents, she would be very happy to help you.

If you are measuring at home and ordering online, we have produced this handy guide to help you. Please use a dressmaker’s tape measure rather than a DIY metal tape as the measurements will be more accurate.


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