We hope this list of FAQs will help you however if we have missed something please get in touch. schoolwear@elizabethsembroidery.com
We are delighted you have come to Elizabeths for your school uniform and we are delighted to be able to help you.

We have a beautiful shop in Wellington Square, Stockton that is ready for you to visit, browse and make immediate purchases off the peg without the need to order all garments. We stock our most popular primary and seniors instore. We maintain our stock levels of compulsory items however if an item is out of stock, we can take the order and payment instore and update you when it is ready for delivery. Many optional items are also available in the shop however some items will need to be ordered and if you require personalised items. You are welcome to visit our shop at any time but if you would prefer to a time slot, appointments are available here

You can order online here - Select your school, each garment in each size and complete payment. Leave the rest to us and we will pick, embroider, pack, and deliver to your chosen location as quickly as possible.

LizZoom is a full sizing and order service by video call to help with sizing and placing your uniform order.
Apologies, we are no longer able to offer this service due to privacy laws changing. We have changed our website to ensure the process is easier for you our valued customers with no need for school codes.

Our team in Wellington Square shop will be very happy to help you face to face with either cash or a card payment, there is also free parking at Wellington Square car park.
Throughout the year we aim to have orders completed in 2 weeks, and in many cases, we can provide garments next day. However, during the summer an order may take longer due to volume, supplier stock issues and personalising each garment, which is why we advise ordering as early as possible. Our guaranteed order dates on compulsory items are as follows.

Guaranteed primary school orders with initials – we suspend this service from 1st August until 14th Sept to allow us to manage large volumes. Please order early if you require initials or we can further support you in October. We are happy to add initials later if you prefer to pay at the time. (Any orders placed on or after these dates will be delivered without initials even if payment has been taken, please bring the items to the Wellington Square shop on or after 14th Sept)

We guarantee primary school orders (compulsory garments) made before 4th Aug 2022 for delivery before back to school. We will do our absolute best to ensure that ALL customers receive their orders before back to school each year even those placed after the guaranteed order cut off.

For senior schools we have vast stocks of each school available off the peg and an immediate purchase is most likely possible at our Schoolwear shop in Wellington Sq, Stockton. Click “here for store information.

If we have sold out of your size, we guarantee senior school orders (compulsory garments) made before 4th Aug 2022 for delivery before back to school. We will do our absolute best to ensure that ALL customers receive their orders before back to school each year even those placed after the guaranteed order cut off.

All other orders after these dates are welcomed and we will do our absolute utmost to ensure your child receives compulsory items prior to a September start. Please give us the back-to-school dates for your school and child returning on the website when you place the order in the notes section.

Please order early; the earlier the better! Since we size for growing room, it never hurts to order early! We have over 30 years of experience in sizing growing children, so we are proud to say that if you follow our size guides or are sized in-store or via LizZoom, your uniform is almost certainly going to last at least a full school year (of course, there may be some cases where they grow far more than expected, but we will do our best!)
We pre-order uniform for every school we supply to, often as early as October (11 months early) so it arrives in time for the “back to school” summer period. As a result, senior school compulsory garment orders go through production very quickly unless there is a supplier issue with stock.

Some of the optional items for each school can take a little longer, we don’t want this to delay your order so please let us know if you would like to collect part orders from our shop. We are unable to deliver part orders by DPD due to costs however if you wish to pay for an additional delivery, please contact us here with your order number and we will help you within 2 working days.

For Primary School orders we are often asked to add the child’s initials to each of the garments, which means we can’t use “stock items”. As a result, a backlog of orders is created over the summer, which our production team do work around the clock to reduce the backlog.

We have extended our guaranteed order dates for 2022.
Some of our products appear to “jump” sizes. for example, our primary sweatshirts come in either an age 3/4 or age 5/6. This is to benefit parent/carer buying the uniform. We aim for every child’s uniform to last at least a full school year, which means we size for growing room, we want to ensure that the size you buy will last.

For senior schools, we supply in-between sizes for all our child size blazers so that we can ensure the perfect fit. At this age the requirement for a full-size range is greater.

Did you know we can also alter any garment for you with our in-house alterations service? The team in the shop can measure your requirements E.G., shorten the sleeves on a blazer or shorten a kilt and this is usually done within 7 days, early shoppers will be ready in time for back to school with a well-fitting garment.

The uniform we supply comes from the best brands in school wear, which ensures you are buying high-quality products that we know will last, and so you won’t be burdened with buying a new school jumper every month. The longer-term cost to you the parent can be significant.
DPD costs are rising due to national minimum wage increases & fuel price rises, this is the charge we pay for this service. We add nothing further to the cost of the DPD delivery for the work we do for you our valued customer however we want to ensure you get a fully guaranteed, insured next day service to ensure your garments arrive on time and safely, and many parents/carers enjoy the time slot feature that DPD provide.
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